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Ribeirão waterfalls of Itu 

Located on the beach of Boiçucanga, the Ribeirão waterfalls trail of Itu is located amidst the Atlantic Forest, and you can visit it through three routes. 

Lisa Stone

Commencing in the hinterland of Boiçucanga is the option with the lowest degree of difficulty. Its duration is 40 minutes and at the end of the course you can enjoy a waterfall of 30 meters high, suitable for swimming.

Samambaiaçu and Snake

Begins in the interior of Boiçucanga and comes up to the Serra do Mar State Park The duration is 90 minutes and the degree of difficulty is high, the trail has as attractive a waterfall Samambaiaçu, downwater depth of 20 meters high, good to practice rappelling. Full track Starting on the border of the municipalities of Salesópolis and Caraguatatuba, ends in Boiçucanga neighborhood, south coast of São Sebastião. It is 8.2 km long and the route with a high degree of difficulty, takes about six hours.

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Brava beach - Boiçucanga

The track Brava Beach is about 3 km long and is part of an area under special protection between Maresias and Boiçucanga on the South Coast of São Sebastião. The route lasts on average 3 hours and is carried through exuberant fauna and flora. It has two lookouts from where you have a view of Boiçucanga and Cambury beaches, and The Islands, Wheat heap of Cats Island, Alcatrazes and Ilhabela. In the final track is a deserted beach with strong waves and white sand and still a river of fresh water to cool off.

Important reminder: For tours on the trails is mandatory hiring monitors through agencies specializing in receptive. 


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