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Rua Coronel Homero dos Santos. 89
Boiçucanga - São Sebastião
São Paulo
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Horseshoe-shaped , Boiçucanga is located between the beaches of Maresias and Camburi.

Before the construction of the BR 101 highway , it was just a small village of caiçaras difficult to access. It became then one of the largest beaches of infrastructure of São Sebastião , with shopping center, campsites , hostels, hotels, restaurants , supermarket , shopping center, emergency room and office.

On your left, leads Rio Boiçucanga where aportam some boats , the majority of fishermen who still follow the local tradition. On this side , the sea is a bit calmer.

Boiçucanga is one of the few beaches in Brazil where the sun sets in the sea. This is the right of the beach, in a setting that includes the islands Wheat heap of Cats and sprouts .

Leave it access to the Brava beach , trails through the Atlantic Forest and waterfalls such as Ribeirão of Itu . Recently , it has become a favorite coastal spots for paragliding in flight practice.

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